About Us

Who are Debra and Mike?

Debra’s Custom Machine Quilting & Gifts is owned and operated by the Sister / Brother team of Debra Burchett & Mike Sanderson.     Debra is a Christian woman who enjoys good fun mixed with lots of laughter. She has also admitted to being a Fabriholic. She is never going to have all the right fabric for a project so of course it means “SHOPPING”, sometimes followed by the words “when did I pick that up?”   Debra has been quilting for many years and comes from a quilting family. Her Mother and Aunts often talked of how her Great Grand Mother helped family finances by making and selling her quilts.   Debra’s true passion has become machine quilting. She loves the many artists who have saved her the work of creating a quilting pattern with their many published books. She often goes through these books looking for just the right choice for a quilt. Debra has some artist in her also and does design some of her own patterns or sometimes will combine other artist's patterns with her own work for a new and unique look.

Mike is the younger brother half of the Quilt Store.  Mike was the quilting hold out of the family, having only begun quilting in 2000.  Hundreds of quilts later, Mike is hooked.  Mike designs many of the quilts and other hand-crafted items in the store.  Mike calls the store his "Happy Place" because its where his true creative juices flow.

Stop by and say Hi to Debra & Mike, get your free gift and enjoy your visit to Portland's hidden treasure.

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You'll be amazed what you find in this Hidden Treasure of Portland.